Palace (main tour) - Tour I.

The interiors of the palace make you feel like you have a large Neo-Gothic illusory painting of individual halls and lounges. Inside the interior, we present the life of the Dauns and the family of Baron Haas. Unmistakable imitation imitates wall cladding with wood, stones or stucco. The rooms are equipped with stylish, historic furniture, reflecting the different periods of the styles. On the second floor there is an extensive zoological collection of domestic and exotic animals and trophies, founded by the brothers Vladimir and Otakar of Daun. The last private owner of the castle (until 1945), the large-scale baronist, George Haas of Hasenfels, expanded their collection by 49 stuffed dogs of various races. Today, this collection is the largest of its kind in the world. The tour ends in a castle mansion that has been operating since 1811 in the northern wing of the castle. The tale of the old bumblebee was filmed here (2011). At the time of the wedding ceremony, traffic on the 1st Circuit is limited. For more information, see the Messages folder. Thank you for your understanding.

On the ground floor of the sala terrena in five halls you will see a unique atypical collection of illuminators made of colored sheet metal. Baron George Haas was a great lover of animals and he set up a private zoo at the castle (one of the largest in the continent). He also behaved a large number of dogs, and he left his favorite. You will see a collection of his stuffed pets in II. floor. The Daunes were transformed into a romantic Neo-Gothic mansion. Romanticism was also subjected to the castle forest park over the castle, where they built a large number of sailboats and lookout for the castle itself.

Organization of tours: guided tours, groups up to 25 to 30 persons (45 people can be ordered), duration of the tour 60 - 70 minutes. The tour can be booked.
We do not do foreign languages. Foreigners can borrow printed texts in English and German on request. It is possible to arrange a tour with the help of an interpreter, whom the interested party will arrange for himself. In the summer months, tours are accompanied by performances by groups of historical music. At the time of the wedding ceremony, usually on Saturday between 11 am and 1 pm, the tour on this circuit is limited.
The last tour starts 1 hour before the end of the opening hours.

Indoor photography during the tour is free of charge. Do not use the flash and self-sticks. Visitors may not restrict each other or delay the tour and are required to follow the directions of the guide.

Booking: We do not have a booking fee. Book your tour by phone and e-mail.
In the summer months of July and August, we do not allow groups of up to 6 people to be booked due to the late arrival of the group. Tours begin at intervals of approximately 10 minutes to 1 hour, according to the cashier's decision. For families up to 5 people, the reservation is possible.

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  • duration 70 minutes
  • max. 30 people

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reservation needed for groups only