Armoury, (special guided tour) - Tour III.

The arsenal is located in the original 18th century buildings. At the core of the collection are the weapons collected especially during the time when the castle belonged to the family of Jankovsky of Vlašim (1612-1752). In addition to older works by prominent artisans from the end of the 16th century, the collection presents especially outstanding artisanal works of 17th-century guns (repeating guns, buttocks, air rifles, windbreakers). The arsenal also includes a selection of medieval weapons (lances / 11st century /, swords /15stst ./, fortification rifles). At the heart of the oriental part are objects mainly from the Islamic region.

The armory is characterized by its romantic arrangement, creating the illusion of the knights' chambers of medieval castles. In addition to interest in artistically crafted weapons of a representative nature, members of the Jankovský family were interested in a technically new, unusual firearms solution. Many of the gunmen and decorators also worked in the court of Emperor Rudolf II. Visitors are strongly recommended to visit this unique monument of our past.

Tour organization: Tours are only possible in July and August. Other months only upon prior arrangement on order from 10 people. Guided tour, groups up to 20 people, tour duration 30 minutes. The tour can be booked. Foreigners can borrow printed texts in English and German on request. Shooting and filming in the interior of the armory (during the tour) is strictly forbidden.
The last tour starts 1 hour before the end of the opening hours.

In the summer months of July and August, we do not allow groups of up to 6 people to be booked due to the late arrival complication. Tours start at about 30 minutes according to the cashier's decision. For families up to 5 people, the reservation is possible.

Basic information

  • duration 30 minutes
  • max. 20 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 1.–30. 6. closed
1. 7.–12. 7. Mon–Sun 9.00–17.00
13. 7.–31. 8. Tue–Sun 9.00–17.00
1. 9.–31. 12. closed


Adults 130 CZK

  • Children 6–18 years 90 CZK
  • Students 15 - 26 years 90 CZK
  • Seniors over 65 years 90 CZK
  • Family admission (max. 2 adults and 3 children) 350 CZK
  • ZTP card holders up to 18 years, ZTP/P card holders and ZTP/P guides free
  • ZTP card holders 90 CZK
  • ZTP/P card holders and ZTP/P guides free
  • ICOM, ICOMOS members, AMG members, NPÚ mand National museum employees, accredited journalists free

reservation needed for groups only